Types of Membership

Full Member (including full individual, group and honorary)

For Heads/Principals who wish to work with the Association to promote excellence in their schools/colleges, seeking the full benefits of membership for themselves, their staff and their pupils.

Dual Member

For Heads/Principals who recognise that belonging to ISA as well as an additional Heads’ association will offer something complementary – be it the professional development, the extra-curricular opportunities in sport, art and drama, or the additional layer of support, networking and services.

Associate (including Head/Principal of group, school, life and former member)

For those who have (or have had) management/leadership responsibility within an independent school where there is a full ISA member.

Affiliate (including UK, overseas and group)

For Heads/Principals who do not meet all the requirements for full membership of the Association but who would benefit from links with it and who would enrich the Association.