Annual Conference – Speaker Presentations

16th May 2011

This year’s Annual Conference took place in Bristol, from 12-14 May.

‘The breadth and range of presentations were joyous’, said one delegate.  View their presentations by clicking on the links below.

Every future counts,ROHIT TALWAR, Futurist, strategic advisor and author

Spectrum futures: bright moves for people on the ASD spectrum, ROBYN STEWARD, Asperger’s trainer and non-clinical consultant

Securing well-being: leadership and moral purpose, PROF. JOHN WEST-BURNHAM, Writer, teacher and consultant in education leadership

Art and Design in Schools: considerations and challenges, DR JOHN STEERS, General Secretary, National Society for Education in Art & Design

The value of creative learning for all, DR EMILY PRINGLE, Head of Learning Practice, Research and Policy, Tate Modern

For those wishing to read more widely around the speakers’ subjects, view the Conference Reading List.