Celebration of Cultural Heritage

9th January 2012

North London Int

The North London International School celebrated the diversity of its pupils with a fun packed Intercultural Evening.

Students and staff shared food, songs, music and games from around the globe, whilst raising money for the school’s main charity, a house building project in Cambodia. To date the school has built 24 houses there, and aims to build a further 12 by this summer.

The fundraising evening is an annual occasion for the school, which bases its philosophy on respecting and understanding different cultures, religions and backgrounds. The north London school has a unique mix of pupils representing a whole range of nationalities including British, Japanese, American, Chinese, Indian and many more. Most have an international background, though many are from the local community.

Maths Teacher and Middle Years Co-ordinator Yukesha Makhtan, who organises the event, said: ” The real aspects of community are when we all come together to share our heritage and diversity.”