Mayville Pupils Change Lives in Cambodia

14th September 2012

Mayville pupils

Pupils from Mayville High School in Southsea have recently returned from a life changing expedition to Cambodia.

Based at a Camps International Site in Beng Maela, pupils embarked on various environmental conservation projects in a local school.

With two hours electricity each day and no running water they  took lessons in Khmer, rebuilt tables and chairs, re-plastered walls and rebuilt a whole kitchen unit for the school.

Pupil Danielle Thompson, 16, said that the most moving experience was a trip into the remote countryside where an 80 year old grandmother was living with her two grandchildren, in a dilapidated house.

“We spent a day rebuilding her house with bamboo and grass making it waterproof, mending her table and area for her stove. A lot of people cried when the grandmother returned.  I’m more grateful for everything following the trip and want to go back there for my gap year.”

The last week of the journey put the whole trip into perspective as pupils were taken to the Killing Fields and Prison S21.  Teacher Dr Dowlatshahi said, ” The children saw enough to put their own lives into context and understand the value of things. All in all they had an amazing time. ”

Mayville pupils raised the money for their Cambodian adventure and the trip will run again in two years time.