ISA Welcomes Angela Culley as Chair

16th January 2013

Angela Culley

ISA is delighted to welcome Angela Culley, Head of the Mead School in Tunbridge Wells, as our new Chair for 2013.

Angela has been an active member of the Association for many years, and has been closely involved with our Inspections and Membership Committees.

Speaking at the start of the 2013, Angela said that it was a huge privilege to take on the role, in what will no doubt prove to be a challenging year for education.

“ISA will be at the forefront of discussions at all levels this year, and we will ensure that our members are kept fully informed.  As always, our aim is to support all of you as we continue to drive our schools forward to be ‘leading lights’ and provide our pupils with the highest educational provision and experience we can.”

Angela thanked ISA’s outgoing Chair, John Wood, for his inspirational leadership, and said that he had “worked tirelessly for the good of the Association.”

Writing in a New Year’s message to members, Angela highlighted the importance of fellowship and support in Headship, and urged colleagues to take advantage of the many benefits ISA membership affords.

“Fellowship and Comradeship and Community are at the heart of what ISA offers its members.  Headship can be lonely and through ISA not only do we have ready and constant professional advice of the highest quality at the ping of an email or the ring of a phone, but we have the wonderful opportunity to meet others who really do appreciate and understand our careers and work. ”

“ISA provides a wealth of opportunities for its members and thereby their schools.  I urge you to take time to re-aquaint yourselves with the many facets of our association and truly hope you will rediscover the power and value of membership and become increasingly involved at both local and national level.”

Angela also looked forward to ISA’s Annual Conference, which takes place at the Grand Hotel in Eastbourne between the 16 – 18 May.

“My theme for this year is ‘Resilience and Growth’ and I hope that you will be able to join us for what promises to be an excellent, exciting and memorable event.”