St Margaret’s Welcomes Chief Constable

9th July 2014

Children and staff at St. Margaret’s Prep School, Gosfield, welcomed Chief Constable of Essex Police Stephen Kavanagh and Chief Inspector Tracey Harman to their presentation assembly this week.

Chief Constable Kavanagh presented a host of trophies, medals and certificates to many of the pupils, aged 2 -11, including a number of children dressed as Vikings for ‘Viking Day’!

After the presentations Mr Kavanagh spoke to pupils about the importance of an inquiring mind. He told the children that whatever career they go on to have, asking questions is a vital skill and important for all walks of life.

He also reflected on St. Margaret’s recent Forensic Science Day, during which members of Essex Police and other forensic experts spent time with children from Year 6 and spoke to them about all areas of Forensic Science. Children were able to gain firsthand experience of techniques and technology used by police when solving real crimes.

Forensic Science Day has been organised by St. Margaret’s Director of Studies, Carolyn Moss, for the past seven years. Each annual event sees a ‘crime’ take place at the school, with children having to use all they have learnt to find the culprit. Mrs Moss was presented with a ‘Chief Constable’s Certificate of Merit’, in recognition of her dedication and commitment to motivating and capturing young minds.

St. Margaret’s Principal, Elaine Powling, commented: “We are honoured to have such important visitors come and speak to our children, and to give up their time to present our pupils with so many awards. I am also delighted that such an outstanding contribution from a member of our teaching staff has been recognised in such a way.

“We are incredibly proud of St. Margaret’s links with Essex Police, and look forward to continuing our relationship and working closely with them. Forensic Science Day is such a wonderful experience for our children, and we thank the experts who are always so pleased to take part and create such an experience for our pupils.”

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