Pupils At Ditcham Park School Raise Over £2,000 For Earthquake Stricken Nepal

14th May 2015


In response to the devastation and hardship suffered by the Nepalese people in the recent earthquakes Ditcham Park School pupils have been raising money to help children and their families in an area near the epicentre of the disaster.

Ditcham has a link with the town of Bhaktapur as Lower Juniors teacher, Mrs Rachel Hewett, spent the summer of 2013 as a volunteer in Nepal, running teacher training workshops, teaching classes and building and equipping a science lab and reception class at a school in the town. Sadly, this area is one of the areas most damaged by the earthquakes and a huge number of children attending the school have lost their homes or suffered injuries. The Headteacher’s house has been completely destroyed and the children and their families are currently living in the school which is only of bamboo construction and far from watertight.

Mrs Hewett organised an emergency mufti-day and cake sale to raise funds for these children and their families. The response was overwhelming and the pupils and parents spent the weekend baking a wonderful array of cakes and cookies to sell at school. Pupils, staff, families and friends bought huge amounts of cakes and generously donated to this worthy cause, raising an incredible £2,250!

All the money raised will go directly to supporting the families and the school in the town on Bhaktapur , providing them with blankets, food and the basic necessities to allow them to start the re-building process. The sheeting for roofing on a bamboo structure costs approximately $80 and a sack of rice about $15, so Ditcham’s fundraising is a huge help to this community towards rebuilding their lives.

Mrs Hewett is hoping to organise a skype link to the community leader who will be distributing the funds in Nepal. This will give the students an opportunity to ask questions and learn more about the circumstances in which the students and their families are currently living.