ISA’s ‘Top Head Teacher’ and National Chair Dr Sarah Welch features in The Telegraph

4th September 2015

Gosfield School

ISA’s National Chair Dr Sarah Welch featured this week in the Telegraph’s ‘Starting University? Top Head Teachers Offer Their Advice’

Dr Welch exlpains “Starting university is an exciting and challenging time. There are so many adjustments to be made both academically and socially that you can become a bit overwhelmed, especially since you are probably away from home and familiar people and places. My advice comes down to one word: balance.

Be open to new experiences but hold onto what you value and enjoy — by all means join the rock climbing club but don’t give up the cello.

Take opportunities to meet new people and form new friendships but value spending time on your own to relax — there will be no end of parties, clubs and pubs to enjoy but don’t neglect the restorative peace and quiet of your room.

Take your studies seriously but remember that you need time away from your books to reflect on your learning and take advantage of the breadth of university life — find the self-discipline to work through reading lists and assignments systematically but don’t feel you always have to choose the library over the gym or a concert.

Immerse yourself in your new environment without severing contact with the past — keep in touch with old friends and don’t forget to ring your Mum from time to time. She will be worrying about you!”