Heathfield School and Day Nursery accredited for the ‘International School Award’

22nd September 2015

It has been announced this week that ISA’s Heathfield School and Day Nursery have been accredited with the three year International School Award, from the British Council.

The British Council, the UK’s international organisation for cultural relations and educational opportunities, provided the following comments.

“This is an outstanding application and it is pleasing to see how well you have connected your international learning activities with the relevant global themes. This application clearly showcases your international learning journey and maps outa clear and robust vision of your future plans and aspirations for your school. You have adopted a clear and systematic approach to international learning and your passion for global education is clearly evident. This has had a noticeable and positive effect on all stakeholders involved in the process. You have fulfilled the success criteria for the ISA and it is our pleasure, therefore, to recommend Heathfield School and Day Nursery for the Accreditation level of the International School Award. Your partnerships with your various international partner schools have worked well and the scope and potential are practically limitless for developing these links into mutually meaningful and sustainable collaborations as you progress with youinternational education programme. They have also created a very conducive environment for studying relevant global themes, like ‘identity and belonging’, or ‘rights and responsibilities’ for example, in a contextualised manner by devising activities that will link the ‘theory’ of the global themes with the reality of the challenges faced by those living in the countries with whom you have come into contact. In terms of foreign language teaching and learning, it is pleasing to note that you aready have an established French and Spanish language programme in place. This is an excellent start and would create additional interest value if you could introduce these languages along with elements of Greek or Turkish directly into your international education curriculum as the vehicles through which to engage with the global themes you have selected for study. This would not only bring you in line with the ISA regulations, but would also enrich the international learning experience of both your students and those of your partner school immensely. Your plans for sustaining your international journey all show a great deal of commitment to sustaining an international dimension in your school ethos. Having said that, these plans woulcreate additional impact in your global learning programme if you could endeavour to reach out to other schools (both locally and internationally) and the wider community in a broader ambassadorial capacity, involving encouraging, assisting and mentoring other schools specifically to follow your example and engage more closely with the journey towards attaining the ISA. Finally as you progress through your work, you will find it helpful to look back, at regular intervals, at the work you havdelivered through the earlier stages of the ISA (especially keeping track of the relationship between cross-curricular areas and global themes) in order to maintain sight of the valuable expertise that you would have acquired in order to attain thefull award in the first place. In line with this, I would also like to recommend that you consult with your partner school regularly to re-visit the global themes that you have been working on in an effort to build upon and consolidate the importantwork you have already devised and delivered. Once again, congratulations on the work you have done so far and best wishes for your continued success in the future. Well done.”

Congratulations Heathfield School, we are delighted to share your good news and wish you all the best for your international relations!