U14 and U16 Girls Hockey Review

24th September 2015

U14 and U16 Girls Hockey Review

The first National ISA competition of the year was held on Saturday 19th Sept at St Edward’s School in Cheltenham. Thank you to the school for hosting the competition and allowing ISA to use their facilities and also to Miss Kenyon for organising such a well-run event.

Four schools were entered in both competitions; St Edwards, Hull Collegiate, Queen Ethelburga’s and Malvern St James. Thank you to the staff for entering their pupils ; we now encourage all schools to enter upcoming ISA national competitions, all of which can be found here.

Although only four schools entered it was very well supported by parents, grandparents, siblings and dogs! The weather was glorious and the girls worked very hard to play six games in the heat whilst maintaining their high standards throughout the day. Congratulations to all the girls who played!

We were very impressed with the support and encouragement that the teams provided for each other and also the sporting nature of the event. Whilst it was clear the girls wanted to win and played with gusto this did not interfere with their respect for their opposition, the umpire and also their teammates. One stand out moment exemplifying this respect occurred after a goal was scored and a defender apologised to her goalkeeper for being out of position and therefore acknowledging that she was partially to blame for the goal; a very mature and sporting thing to do.

The final game between St Edward’s and Hull Collegiate in the U16 tournament was to decide the winner of the tournament. It was a very close game with both sides having several opportunities on goal; special mention must go to the goalkeeper for Hull Collegiate who had an incredible match, making some brilliant saves and also providing vocal encouragement for her side. The nail-biting match ended 0-0 which resulted in the hosts St Edward’s winning the tournament by one point, Hull Collegiate in second, Malvern St James in third and Queen Ethelburga’s in fourth.

In the U14 hockey there was a lot of emerging talent, a specific area of strength in the U14s competition were short corners which were well practiced by all teams. The winners of the U14s was Malvern St James, second place was awarded to Hull Collegiate, third to St Edwards and fourth Queen Ethleburga’s. We hope that the girls have been inspired by the recent success of the England Women’s side and continue to train and play hard as one day they could be representing their country.

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Laura and Rich