St. Dominic’s Brewood Senior Students discuss diverse career opportunities

29th October 2015

Thirty companies attended the day to showcase a variety of careers, further education pathways, work experience opportunities and volunteering activities. Open to Years 9-13 at the Senior School and Sixth Form, this has been one of the biggest conventions held by the school since its inaugural convention in 2012.
The growth in awareness of Apprenticeship Schemes and opportunities that offer broadened knowledge and experiences through volunteering and gap year programmes were popular this year alongside more traditional careers such as the armed forces, police and routes to law and finance.
St. Dominic’s Brewood has an excellent reputation for drama and performing arts. As a result, the convention attracted a national dance brand and a theatre outreach club. In addition, a strong sports presence was welcomed this year with representation from Sport England, UCFB and the local 3 Hammers Golf Club.


A new addition to the day this year saw students able to “get to know themselves better” by participating in an interactive and extremely informative workshop utilising the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator tool delivered by Steph Curnock, a clinical psychologist from West Midlands based HR101.


Mrs Beth Whitmore, Head of Careers and Work Experience commented: “We are thrilled by the success of this year’s convention, a huge buzz could be felt in the room all morning. This is just one of the elements that makes our school different in the range of extended activities we provide and the effort our staff go to in organising opportunities for our students.”