Ghyll Royd vs Burley Woodhead. Match Report by Will Mallik

30th October 2015

U11 Boys Football—Burley Woodhead 3—Ghyll Royd 2

It all started on Friday 9th October when the Ghyll Royd football team went down to the Astroturf with a smile on their faces putting aside the defeat two weeks earlier. As the whistle blew Burley Woodhead kicked off and the game was underway. A couple of minutes later Alexander opened the score line and Ghyll Royd were ahead. Burley Woodhead quickly began again, they dribbled into our box but brilliant defender Jack tackled them. A minute later Burley Woodhead yet again had the ball in our box but this time they punished us and put the ball in the back of our net. We kicked off and the half time whistle blew. As we kicked off for the second half we soon scored once again Alexander making 2—1 to us with his second goal of the day. There was a lot of box to box play but Burley Woodhead hung on to make the score level pegging. With almost ten minutes to go the Ghyll Royd midfield got tackled and Burley Woodhead grabbed the ball and dribbled to our box and shot. Our keeper Joey was top notch today but not this time the ball managed to find its way in. After Burley Woodhead had scored Charlie Mallik made his debut for the team. Just that moment Alexander went down on the edge of their box. The Ref gave us an indirect free kick. Alexander took it and passed to Will and Will then shot but missed. As there keeper took the goal kick the full time whistle blew. The players shook hands and even though we lost we were still happy and glad with our performance and we had a great time.
Report by Will Mallik Form 6.