Buckingham Palace celebration for Alton Convent School winners

12th November 2015

Three national engineering award-winning students from Alton Convent School, received an exclusive invitation to Buckingham Palace in recognition of their outstanding achievement in the TeenTech program.

As the day finally dawned, Lauren Shea, Gabriella Till and Lucy Rawlings were filled with disbelief as they embarked on their journey to the Palace. Excitement and anticipation mounted as the students were ushered onto the gravel behind the iconic gates.

The event began with a sumptuous afternoon tea in the most exquisite of rooms, followed by the awards ceremony. Lucy, Lauren and Gabriella adroitly explained their winning mShuttle design to their fellow students, leaders in industry and HRH the Duke of York KG . There was much applause and flashing of cameras as they returned to their seats.

The Alton Convent School students were then interviewed to create an international promotional video for TeenTech. The team are accomplished public speakers. Most recently Lauren and Lucy addressed an audience of four hundred technology leaders, educators and policy makers at the Science Museum in London, to share their inspirational experience.

The Palace visit has been one of many opportunities resulting from their TeenTech success both for the individual students involved and the school as a whole.

Head of Science, Dr Louise Clayton commented,

‘We are incredibly proud of the team, they have become inspirational role models for the next generation of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) professionals both within in our school and beyond. The school is buzzing with excitement about STEM, and we are excited about the future possibilities for our student community.’

Photo shows L_R Dr Louise Clayton, Gabriella Till, Lauren Shea, Lucy Rawlings and HRH the Duke of York.