Just Ace It School Day – Only £350, save £250!!

13th April 2016

Just Ace It School Day- From £600 to £350! (Save £250). 

I hope that everyone has enjoyed their Easter holidays and looking forward to the summer term. 

It is a pleasure to have the support from the ISA and was great to see the amazing work they put on throughout the year and had the privilege to attend and hand out medals at the National Swimming ISA Championships in London to some top quality young swimmers, some of whom achieved national records!

I would like to share a personal experience and story that myself and Olympic Team mate, Peter Bakare, witnessed on one of our Just Ace It school days that really put what we do in to reality and perspective. 

With one in three children overweight or obese we do come across children regularly that fit in to this category, however one pupil really struck out to us in particular.  He brought in his inhaler and making his way to the sports hall alone had him breathing heavy.  He immediately went up to Peter and said “I will do everything, but people make fun of me”.  Peter encouraged him and made him feel comfortable to take part.

We began our warm up that consists of star jumps, spotty dogs and leg drives to some fun music classics (for kids- the teachers may not always like their taste in music) and after a couple puffs from his inhaler he got back to it and was working harder than everyone.  This enthusiasm continued throughout the full 30 minutes of exercise and games.  He finished and had a real sense of achievement and belief, confidently walking up to Peter at the end and saying he will continue the exercises at home and “when will you be back?”.  

Even though we come across children that would fall in to the obese category, it does not mean that they dislike exercise and being active.  It is really providing the opportunity and educating them in how to live a healthy and active lifestyle; of which can have a positive ripple effect in to their families. 

If you don’t believe me, then please spare 90 seconds and watch the Just Ace It video, outlining the fun filled day and how children and teachers respond to the programme. 

If you have any questions about the Just Ace It school day and/or would like the Just Ace It day in your school then please do not hesitate to contact me on nathan.french@yourstudentbody.com

Thank you for your time,