Shoreham College Can!

18th April 2016

Pupils from Shoreham College overwhelm Brighton Food Bank with a huge delivery of 2,600 cans.

Mr Connors, Head of MFL at Shoreham College had the idea of a ‘Can Drive’ only last term. It was quickly launched 3 weeks ago, with pupils being encouraged to collect cans, with forms competing against each other to see who could collect the most.

“We wanted to make the kids aware that some families, close to home, were struggling to make ends meet. It is important to recognise that and try to help if we are able.’ Said Mr Connors. “The idea was well-received, with everyone willing to get on-board and help. It caused a great buzz around the College; we heard stories of the kids raising money in return for household chores, washing cars, shopping, and knocking on neighbours doors; and countless cans were mounting up in every room!”

The delivery was made to the Brighton Food Bank in a convoy of three minibuses, with the pupils who had collected the most cans going along to help. A spokesperson said ‘What an amazing amount of tins! Thank you so much for thinking of supporting our clients here – every item donated is very much appreciated as we recognise that we cannot do what we do without the amazing generosity of individuals and organisations such as yourselves.“

Shoreham College Headmaster, Richard Taylor-West said: “I was astonished frankly by the number of cans that were donated by our pupils and their families. I think it says something impressive about a commitment to charitable action.”