EU Referendum at St Martha’s School

27th May 2016

St Martha’s students have been immersing themselves in the recent important and topical debate; whether Britain should remain in the European Union which will be held on Thursday 23rd June.
St Martha’s School is set to welcome two MPs on 8th and 9th June to address their school assembly on the EU Referendum!

Britain had a referendum in 1975 shortly after it had joined the EU, or the Common Market as it was then called. The country voted to stay in then but there have been growing calls, from the public and politicians, for another vote because, they argue, the EU has changed a lot over the past 40 years, with many more countries joining and the organisation extending its control over more aspects of daily lives. David Cameron initially resisted these calls but in 2013 he changed his mind.

With the assistance of Mr P Allman, Politics teacher at St Martha’s School, Sixth Form students; Mia Pelagias, Jessica Pratt, Stephanie Pempestios, Georgia Lazouras, Emma Wooldridge, Charlotte Montanaro and Caitlin O’Grady came together and were selected at random as to which campaign they will represent. The team have succeeded in bringing in a visitor from each side to talk to the girls.

First to attend on 8th June will be Mike Freer MP (con) who will speak on behalf of the Stronger In group. He will try to convince the students to vote to stay in the EU in our School referendum.
On June 9th it is the turn of David Burrows MP (con) who will speak on behalf of Vote Leave. He will try to convince the girls that BREXIT is in Britain’s best interest and that they should vote accordingly in the School Referendum.

St Martha’s are very much looking forward to these MP visits to highlight to the students both sides of this important debate and to capture the significance for us all.
Headmaster, Matthew Burke comments: “It is fantastic that St Martha’s students and staff will have the opportunity to hear advocates on both sides of the EU debate. The opportunity for us to participate in democracy and contribute to a national debate is a chance in a lifetime”.