Announcement by the Head of Shapwick School

17th June 2016

Shapwick: The Future

“We enter this last half of the Summer Term happy in the knowledge that the 2016/2017 term will start with the school under new ownership and with substantial additional funding.

The school has been acquired by a Trust which has made additional capital available to ensure that, not only can we continue to provide the education and care for which Shapwick has become famous, but we now have the resources to improve our services and facilities for the future.

These improved circumstances have been brought about thanks to the timely and generous support of one of the school’s parents.

A big ‘Thank You’ needs to go to the whole staff team who have remained focused  and determined to ensure the school continues to provide quality education without interruption during these transitional stages.

Thanks also go to our students who have shown loyalty to and confidence in the school, while the transfer of ownership has taken place, and to the ex-students and parents for their support.

We are currently finalising our development plan for this next academic year and beyond. Having a substantial amount of working capital will make this process a positive and exciting proposition.

We are looking forward to the next few weeks and to ending the term with our celebratory Speech Day on 8th July 2016.”

Adrian Wylie