London West overcome the rain to claim overall victory!

30th June 2016

In defiance of consistent rain and harsh conditions, over 300 children competed in the ISA National Athletics Finals on Wednesday at Alexander Stadium, Birmingham. Despite the weather, all competitors showed an exemplary attitude which further consolidated their qualification through to the finals. The day saw seven national records broken including a Year 9 shot put record beaten by over one metre; a truly outstanding achievement by Serena Vincent from London West. Well done to everyone who competed, you should be very proud of yourselves for such a wonderful achievement.

After all the points were accumulated, London West achieved overall victory, amassing a total of 645 points. They were closely followed by the North on 564 points and London South on 503 points respectively. You can see a full copy of the team results below. A full copy of event results will be published as soon as possible.

Overall Team Results
1st London West 645
2nd North 564
3rd London South 503
4th Midlands 468
5th East Anglia 384
6th London North 340
7th South West 302
Junior Girls
1st London West 130
2nd London South 100
3rd North 76
4th East Anglia 72
4th London North 72
5th Midlands 71
6th South West 57
Junior Boys
1st London South 100
2nd Midlands 93
2nd London West 93
3rd East Anglia 91
4th North 90
5th London North 78
6th South West 34
Senior Girls
1st London West 214
2nd North 190
3rd Midlands 189
4th London South 142
5th East Anglia 107
6th South West 90
7th London North 68
Senior Boys
1st North 208
1st London West 208
2nd London South 161
3rd London North 122
4th South West 121
5th Midlands 115
6th East Anglia 114