A Welcome and Thank You from Nathan French – The Ace Day

4th October 2016

A Welcome and Thank You from Nathan French.

As an Olympian I have been privileged to have represented my country in London in 2012. I am pleased to say that the legacy of the Olympics has lived on successfully, with Team GB coming second in the medal charts in the Rio Olympics and Paralympics.

I am often asked one particular question when the topic of my sporting career comes up in conversation, especially with young parents- how did I become inspired to become successful from a young age? And my answer is always the same. Inspirational role models.

As an educator, you will know the impact of negative influences of the young and fresh minds of tomorrow. You are all too familiar with the hurtful and gnawing consequences of bullying on victims which leads to less self-confidence, and ultimately, the wrong choices, which often negatively affects the health of the child, and this has a huge knock-on effect on their test scores, and future life choices.

I have personally seen over 60,000 children across the UK since retiring from professional sport, helping encourage them to lead healthier lifestyles and to be the best they can be.  The experience of working with so many children has allowed me to create The Ace Day.

The Ace Day provides a unique, bespoke service for school children with an emphasis on educating the healthy benefits of a healthy, active lifestyle, and easily digestible steps to get there. Kids will take part in a fun, easy to follow, customised Volleyball game for all ages and abilities made by me, which consistently invokes positive feedback from teachers and pupils.

The Volleyball game encourages children to help each other, to play as a team, and to help spark friendships, which may have never been so. With a huge motivational impact on the children, they realise that exercise is not only fun, but great for you, and that working hard to achieve goals is not only a good thing, it should be actively encouraged amongst friends.

We also provide educational workshops with booklets for children to read. It contains fictional characters to help guide and educate the pupils in the dangers of smoking, the food pyramid and the benefits of keeping a food diary, personal hygiene and dental health- as well as many other truly important life lessons.

I’m really passionate about inspiring the next generation to lead even more healthy, positive and successful lives. If, for any reason, you are not interested our service, then I would really appreciate it if you would contact me on info@theaceday.com and let me know what your reservations are and why you’re unable to order this service.

I appreciate your time and I look forward to hear from you,

Kind Regards,

Nathan French                                                                                                                                               www.TheAceDay.com