St Martha’s Year of Mercy Closing Ceremony

25th November 2016

St Martha’s School in Hadley Wood, North London closed the Year of Mercy on Friday with a beautiful balloon ceremony.

There was a short assembly led by our School Chaplain, Miss Baly reiterating what the Year of Mercy was about and entailed.  Miss Baly gave a number of examples of acts of mercy that had been performed throughout the year, for example; collecting over 130 Christmas shoe boxes, numerous tins for the harvest appeal, visiting the school chapel for private prayer and house celebrations, offering seats to those travelling on the tube and local buses, collecting money for the Poppy Appeal and many more.

Each pupil was then given a balloon which had a prayer attached to it.  On the reverse was a picture of a door which represented the small doors which each form room had which was a reminder of the Holy Door in the Vatican.

The whole school walked to the front of the school with their balloon and after a countdown and released their balloon into the sky.

It was an exciting end to the Year of Mercy and the school week.  Next week all pupils will be sitting school exams, good luck to everyone.