ISA PE Conference Review – Nathan French GB Volleyball

5th December 2016

I had the pleasure to be invited to Lilleshall at the English Institute of Sport in November for the ISA conference of 2016. I was asked to deliver two sessions, one very Primary School friendly for all ages and abilities and another more challenging, covering a more technical session and drill/game based activities. I always believe the best way to learn something knew is by doing, and instead of the delegates watching me show off and bore them with technical knowledge, I was very pleased to see everyone get stuck in and walk away with a greater understanding in Volleyball and even a sweaty brow.

I had one delegate who had signed up to both sessions which I was very pleased to hear about. Very enthusiastically the delegate got stuck in with the games and after picking up the skills quickly the delegate began to flaunt their own athleticism and mobility around the court. With this delegates desire to win the game of catch and throw over a badminton net I did for a second question where the delegate found an abundance of energy for this game, but it was definitely real! Diving left, diving right, skidding and sliding on the floor to save a precious point, doing everything for their team to win, I couldn’t question the delegates commitment and team spirit. After 90 minutes I was, not only out of breath watching, but so happy to see newbies to the game play with the passion and competitive spirit that’s in us all. The same passion I see in thousands of children in hundreds of schools when The Ace Day is there.

The evening dinner was sophisticated and receptive. To the sound of acoustic guitar and soft singing, the delegates and guests enjoyed conversing over a glass of wine, a three course meal and listening to our guest speaker and olympic rower, Vicky Thornley. Our friends Laura and Richard from the ISA had also organised some games (we won the the champagne :)) and sponsors gave prizes for the raffle. One being tickets to the FA Cup Final worth over £1000!

On this note I would like to thank Laura and Richard for their work in to the conference and inviting me down and also the work they do throughout the year. I hope to be invited back in the near future and hear from any delegate that is interested in the services that I provide.

Nathan French
2012 Olympic Volleyball Player