St Joseph’s Park Hill School Champions at ISA North High 5 Netball

28th March 2017

On Monday the 13th of March the High 5 Netball team from St Joseph’s Park Hill School, Padiham, Burnle went to Hulme Hall Grammar School in Cheadle to take part in the Independent Schools, Small Schools High 5 Netball competition.

There were 15 schools in total taking part and all the children were very excited and couldn’t wait to get started.

We played 4 games in the group stages and were very worthy group winners.  We then went on to play in the Premiership round.  Again our team played some fantastic netball, we won another 4 games very convincingly making us the tournament winners.  This is the first time we have won the ISA Netball competition and we are now the ISA Small Schools Northern High 5 Netball champions.