Ballard School Introduces PE Peer Mentorships

12th April 2017

Acting as PE mentors, older students at Ballard School are encouraging early year groups to prepare for and get into sport ahead of the ISA Pre-Prep Sports Festival

Year 2 Pupils at Ballard School in New Milton have been assisting their Reception and Year 1 peers through a new PE Mentorship buddying system ahead of hosting the Independent Schools Association (ISA) Pre-Prep Sports Festival. Already proving hugely successful during its initial trial phase, the system is giving 6 to 7-year olds the opportunity to support, advise and inspire Reception and Year 1 pupils, aged between 4 and 6, during their PE lessons.

Overseeing the scheme, PE Teacher Mr Freeman was responsible for pairing mentorship buddies together. Students have also been provided with their own personalised Pre-Prep PE passports. These passports will be used to give each pupil a set of achievable fitness related targets. The Year 2 pupils will now use the passport to help guide their mentees, in turn, teaching the older students key leadership and coaching skills.

Mr Freeman, comments:

“At Ballard, we strive to make PE a positive experience for everyone. We recognise that every child has potential but needs encouragement and a challenge. A fun and engaging way to promote fitness and sport, peer mentorship allows us to observe older pupils’ leadership skills. We can also monitor younger student’s progress as well as their ability to listen to instructions and feedback.’’

Alastair Reid, Headmaster at Ballard School also comments:

“This is the first time this programme has been rolled out and it has already seen outstanding responses from all the pupils. The Pre-Prep pupils are a very talented group. It’s great to see the young students enthusiastically learning about indoor athletics, with some key movement skills, ahead of the ISA Pre-Prep Sports Festival and our summer sporting programme.’’

On 21st April, Ballard School will host the ISA Pre-Prep Sports Festival as pre-prep schools across the South gather to participate. For more information about Ballard School, please visit