Ballard School Hosts Independent School Association Pre-Prep Sports Festival

10th May 2017

Ballard School Hosts Independent School Association Pre-Prep Sports Festival

Introducing children to sports, Ballard School has hosted their third annual ISA Pre-Prep Sports Festival, welcoming pre-prep schools across the south.

Ballard School in New Milton has recently hosted their third annual Independent Schools Association (ISA) Sports Festival, aimed at inspiring Reception and Year 1 pupils to get into sport. They welcomed 48 pre-prep students aged 4-6 from schools across the South for a day of sport and friendly competition.

Students from Meoncross School in Fareham, Claires Court in Maidenhead, and Our Lady School in Crowthorne all participated in the festival. They took part in a number of field events throughout the morning, including Long jump, Rounders Ball Throwing, Target Aiming and Cricket Bat Striking. Afternoon track events were also held, including an Obstacle Race, Egg and Spoon Race, Sprint, Shuttle Relay 4x75m Relay and 8×37.5m Relay.

Aimed at younger children, the festival provided an excellent introduction to sports competition, with many students playing against other schools for the first time. It also helped to introduce the children to field and track events. Bringing multiple schools together, students were also given the opportunity to develop a healthy sense of competition. An emphasis was placed on nurturing the TREDS ethos amongst students. TREDS represents essential aspects of sports, standing for teamwork, respect, enjoyment, discipline, and sportsmanship.

Justin Whitbread, Director of Sport at Ballard School, said:

“We were delighted to host the ISA Sports Festival. Ballard sport look to participate and create as many sporting opportunities we can, with a commitment to every child that they can perform in an encouraging and supportive environment. Ballard sport adopts a ‘Sport for All’ policy to provide a broad curriculum which encourages physical activity and a healthy lifestyle.”

Preparing for the festival, older students at Ballard acted as PE Mentors. Hugely successful, the mentorships gave 6 to 7-year olds the opportunity to support, advise and inspire pre-prep pupils representing Ballard during the festival.

Alastair Reid, Headmaster at Ballard School said:

“I would like to thank all the schools who participated in our annual ISA Sports Festival. The pre-prep students had an excellent time enjoying some sport and track events for the first time. They also had a great chance to prepare for more advanced PE lessons and sporting competitions in the future.’’

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