20 National Records Tumble on an Impressive Day in Birmingham

21st June 2017

In beautiful sunshine but soaring temperatures, hundreds of children from around the country impressively competed in the ISA National Athletics Finals on Monday (19th June) at Alexander Stadium. Compared to last year, the weather was a welcome change but with it came a new challenge. On one of the hottest days of the year, children from age 9 – 16 put on a real show of outstanding athletic ability, exemplary attitude and sportsmanship that was well placed within an international sports arena that in the past has been graced by the likes Mo Farah and Jess Ennis.

Spectators were blessed with some remarkable performances and in total 20 national records were broken. We all knew it was going to be a successful day when E.Scott from London South smashed the Year 7 Boys 1500m record, beating it by over 10 seconds; remember the name! The event continued to encourage awesome performances and records continued to tumble. Serena Vincent claimed another shot put record, achieving a huge 15.50m and Abbie White from the South West dominated her 800m event to achieve a new national record. High standards were maintained throughout the day, even throughout the relays when the competitors could quite understandably be wilting, records were still being surpassed. In fact a four national relay records were broken including the Claires Court Year 5 Boys who, if they stick together, will be a force to be reckoned with for many years to come.

Regardless of all the outstanding individual and team performances, the day must be remembered for the achievements of all who were there. To qualify for this event is a remarkable achievement and one that every competitor should be very proud of.

Eventually, all the points were accumulated and despite a strong challenge from London South, the eventual overall winners were London West who defended their 2016 crown. All the team results can be seen below and all event results can be found by clicking on the following links

Senior Results 

Junior Results

Overall Team Results

1st London West 683
2nd London South 590
3rd North 525
4th Midlands 454
5th East Anglia 366
6th London North 310
7th South West 295

Junior Girls

1st London West 115
2nd London South 105
3rd East Anglia 85
4th Midlands 76
4th North 76
5th London North 62
5th South West 62

Junior Boys

1st London West 124
2nd London South 98
3rd Midlands 87
4th East Anglia 78
5th North 71
6th London North 61
7th South West 58

Senior Girls

1st London West 246
2nd London South 172
3rd North 168
4th Midlands 157
5th East Anglia 112
6th South West 82
7th London North 66

Senior Boys

1st London South 215
2nd North 210
3rd London West 198
4th Midlands 134
5th London North 121
6th South West 93
7th East Anglia 91