Cancer Detecting Bra designed by 15 year old student

30th June 2017

The TeenTech Awards marked just the beginning of a transformational journey for Year 11 pupil from Alton Convent School, Alexandria Gyford.  The programme challenges 11 – 18 year olds across the UK to create their own product to make the world, a safer, better and kinder place to be. Aged 15, Alex entered and won the Wearable Technology category  at the 2016 National TeenTech Awards.

Her product, Bra with Benefits is a cancer-detecting bra, designed to identify early stage cancer before any outward signs are visible.

Alexandria is driven by a desire to make a difference, and experienced first-hand the impact of breast cancer in her own family. As part of the process designing her innovative underwear she’s worked with leading scientists in the US and UK to validate and develop her ideas and designs. Alexandria’s desire to make a difference surpasses the development of the technology.

“I am dyslexic – when I was eight I couldn’t read or write. I was inspired to take part in the TeenTech Awards by some girls in the year above me. I’m so glad I did. Now, I just want to really encourage other children and teenagers not to be limited by labels and follow their dreams.”

To help get this message out there Alexandria spoke to 150 Year 8 and Year 9 pupils  at Winchester Science Centre on International Women’s Day to share her story. She will also be returning to  speak at her previous specialist dyslexia school later this year, during National Dyslexia week. Alexandria is currently pursuing the further development of her product whilst working towards her GCSEs.

Please support Alex to make a difference. In  recognition of  her ground breaking design and follow on outreach work, Alex has been shortlisted for a further award, Tech4Good. If you would like to vote for Alex please visit: and also tweet #T4GBraWithBenefits voting closes at 5pm on Friday 7th July.