Sir Garfield Sobers, widely regarded as Crickets greatest all-rounder, has visited Ballard School in New Milton to inspire students.

6th July 2017

Sir Garry Sobers visited Ballard School to talk about his life and his philosophy on sport to an audience of boys and girls who play cricket.  The school also invited pupils from neighbouring schools, The Arnewood, and Durlston Court to enjoy this enchanting and inspiring talk.

A very modest man but an inspirational story teller, his clear priority was for his team rather than himself.  Footage of his world record feat of six sixes in one over (with the final ball being hit so far it went out of the ground with the famous commentator comment ‘It’s on its way to Swansea’) were testament to his amazing ability and temperament.   He delivered some excellent and clear messages for getting the most out of sport and life today.
Sir Garry said:

“Six sixes and self-satisfaction are not what it’s about – it’s all about the team.  You should never be an individual in a team sport.  The team comes first you come second.
“When I scored 365 not out vs Pakistan I wasn’t interested in getting the record, in fact, I had no notion of the record and kept expecting the captain to declare.  I didn’t think I should sacrifice the team for a record but he didn’t declare.  When I hit run number 365 all the Jamaicans ran on the pitch and over the wicket which stopped the game.’
Deputy Head David Dunn who invited Sir Garry said:
“It was a fantastic experience for our local young cricketers to meet the greatest living legend in cricket and I hope they will remember his words as they progress in their sporting careers.  He is a wonderful role model for our young people.”

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