Flying high at Heathfield School, Ascot

22nd September 2017

Bringing science to life as students take to the skies

Pupils from Heathfield School, Ascot, took part in a science experiment with a difference when they experienced the principles of flying – propulsion, thrust, lift and drag – for themselves by rising 20ft above the ground in a hot air balloon. Once back on terra firma, the girls conducted further experiments in a fun day of science involving marshmallows and water rockets.  They were joined by 32 Year 5 pupils from Godstowe Preparatory School in High Wycombe who were keen to get a taste of science lessons at Heathfield and see for themselves the school’s innovative, purpose-built STEM building, opened by Sir Robert Winston, which provides a hub to drive forward the study of key rigorous academic subjects, science, technology engineering and maths.