Elite Sports Performance Coach Helps LVS Ascot Students Exceed Their Expectations

3rd October 2017

An elite performance coach who has worked with some of the biggest names in sport, including the British Lions and Manchester City FC, turned his attention to students at LVS Ascot on Friday 29th September. Dr Dave Alred MBE, described by Jonny Wilkinson as “a genius who changed my life”, was at the school to give its students a mental edge on the sports field and in the exam room.

Dave Alred is a pioneer in performance mindset and attitude and holds a PhD in Performing Under Pressure from Loughborough University. He shared the secrets of success with students at LVS Ascot keen to discover how to exceed their expectations and reach the top level. Whereas previously sporting greats such as the England rugby team and major golf winners have listened avidly as Dave helped improve them beyond what they thought possible, on Friday it was the turn of LVS Ascot pupils to find out that they can aim even higher. A session for nearly 40 gifted and talented PE students at the all ability co-educational school gave them an insight into the mindset needed to become a top sportsman, and allowed them to ask questions to help them to flourish in future.

With a drive for academic success also a key aspect at LVS Ascot, the school capitalised on Dave’s belief in the transference of learning and ability to develop mind coaching techniques during a session with the school’s Psychology students. A working lunch with twelve year 13 A-level students allowed them to find out more about Dave’s approach and gain tips on coping with pressure in various circumstances such as exams.

Dave Alred said: “Students preparing for exams are in danger of being involved in negative avoidance – trying not to make mistakes rather than focusing on achieving the best they can. I have been reinforcing the message to LVS Ascot’s students that it is ok to make mistakes as long as they are working as hard as they can and aiming to improve“.

Head of Psychology at LVS Ascot James Patterson added: “LVS Ascot is a school where we inspire all students to exceed their expectations, and to be able to harness the experience of a man in demand amongst the top sportsmen in the world demonstrates our commitment to ensuring no-one is better prepared than our students to do that”.