Hawley Place School ISA Junior Triathlon Champions

13th October 2017

This is now the third time Hawley Place have competed at this event and our pupils are starting to build a reputation as one of the stronger teams. The anticipation built throughout the journey, to Woodlands School in Essex, and reached a crescendo just as we arrived and began pre-race preparations.

The course consists of a 90m swim, 800m cycle and 800m run and like a traditional triathlon the competitors are required to complete the three disciplines as quickly as possible and ‘transition’ between them without a rest.  Competitors would then be given an overall time for how long it had taken them to complete the entire course, once everyone had competed, the results would be calculated.

Our girls’ team (consisting of Olivia, Hannah, Harriette, Jasmine, Bluebelle and Emily D) took to the pool first, fuelled by nervous energy and excitement.  They cut through the water like a knife through butter, holding their form and off to a great start.  Shortly followed by the boys (William, Javier, Lucas, Oliver S, Charlie C and Siraj), who gave an equally impressive display in the pool.

Our pupils all showed true grit and determination, working hard and many of them finishing with a sprint to ensure they achieved the best time possible.  The team results were nothing short of superb, with the boys’ team winning and therefore retaining their title as ISA East England Triathlon Champions, the girls managed a magnificent 2nd place and improving on their 3rd place from last year.

The individual results echoed that of the team results and were as follows:  The final girls’ standings were Hannah 2nd, Olivia 5th, Harriette 20th, Bluebelle 29th, Emily D 31st and Jasmine 37th.  The boys’ standings: Oliver S (ISA East England Boys Triathlon Champion), William 2nd, Javier 18th, Charlie C 19th, Lucas 22nd and Siraj 24th.  Given the fact that there were a total of 21 schools and over 200 competitors this is a staggering achievement.

A huge well done to all the pupils that represented Team Hawley so fantastically well and once again displayed their ‘Excellence’.