ISA Girls Football Match Reports – Parsons Green Prep

13th October 2017

Match reports from our U11 tournament winners

On Tuesday our girls’ U11 football team took part in their first-ever tournament (and matches) at the ISA Girls’ Football Festival at LVS Ascot. The girls played brilliantly and managed to win the U11 category. We asked for match reports from three of the players. Well done to all the girls and to Mr Will and Coach Steve.

Match report from Chloe
On 10 October eight girls from Years 5 and 6 competed in the ISA Girls’ Football Festival at Ascot. Even though we had only been training for three weeks we all did really well and tried hard. In the first round we thought we were going home but we just made it through to the semi-finals. We drew in the semi-final which meant it went to a penalty shootout and we won. In the final we drew again for another penalty shootout. Eventually we won and came first! It was a blast and definitely something to remember.

Match report from Lou
We played three matches in the round robin. Our two draws against the hosts LVS Ascot and the Study Prep meant we qualified for the semi-finals. We won the semi-finals and finals on penalties! We had an amazing team and a great goalkeeper, Chloe! It was such a fun day and we played our hearts out. Remember for all the girls who were not picked there will be other opportunities.

Match report from Grace
We have only been playing a short while but we really wanted to give it a shot. We played really well in the first three games and worked really well as a team, making it through to the semi-finals. We were tired and it rained on us but we made it through to the finals. The score was 0-0 so it came down to a penalty shootout which we won. We were all SO happy some of us cried! It was a great day. Thank you for listening.

Parsons Green Prep U11 girls football team.