ISA Junior Triathlon

13th October 2017

The Junior Triathlon took place at Woodlands School Hutton Manor on Friday 6th October with 216 children participating from 23 schools. This group of schools was made up of ISA schools from multiple regions, some that had travelled slightly further and special mention must go to Poppy who travelled from Adcote School in Shropshire, showing great dedication to her sport. The length that schools have travelled reflects how much schools and pupils enjoy the day. The growth in the sport of triathlon in recent years has enabled this event to mirror this growth. With a short distance course; 90m swim, 800m cycle and 800m run this event is perfect for everyone, whether it is a child’s first event or if they are an experienced sprint triathlete and would like to test themselves and try and gain a personal best on the course.

Due to the way the event is run there is never more than 8 children on the course at any one time which allows each child plenty of space in each of the disciplines. Swimmers are set off at different intervals so there is a real test of self motivation and self competition as the race is effectively a time trial. All competitors crossing the line are given a medal and the results, team and individual, are worked out after the event. The way the results are done means that the importance of the event is very much placed on participation.

Please see below for the results of this years competition.

Triathlon Results 2017