Sisters in Synch at Bridgewater School

28th November 2017

Sisters, Aimee and Eva Lawrence are both proving to be accomplished synchronised swimmers. Aimee (Yr 9) took to swimming ‘like a duck to water’ at a very early age and was originally a speed swimmer for Salford Swimming Club. However her true passion lay with synchronised swimming and she now trains five times a week at Salford with coach Jess Fletcher (who herself was a former member of the England Talent Programme).

After spending a number of years watching her sister train, younger sister Eva – who has recently joined Bridgewater School in Prep VI – has also proved to have a talent for the sport. Both girls have secured places with the Salford team – Aimee in the ‘13-15’ age group and Eva in the ‘12 and under’ team. The girls were recently part of the Salford team that were crowned overall Club Winners in the Swim England Combo Cup with both girls claiming gold in their relevant team routines. In addition, Aimee recently achieved two gold medals and two silver medals for her performances at Scottish Nationals last month.

Following on from this success, Aimee has recently achieved a place on the England Training Squad for the third year running. Dedication at this level means attendance at competitions or training sessions every weekend so it has been essential to have supportive parents who help foster and encourage their passions.