Candlemas at Our Lady’s Convent School

7th February 2018

On Friday 2 February, pupils and staff were joined by Father Simon Gillespie as he celebrated Mass at Our Lady’s Convent School, Loughborough to mark the Feast Day of the Presentation of the Lord, otherwise known as Candlemas.

Celebrated 40 days after Christmas, Candlemas is so called because it was traditionally when all the Church’s candles for the year were blessed.

Pupils took great pleasure in having their candles blessed and then processing from the Main Hall to the Chapel to celebrate Mass. Readings were given by Sixth Form students and the choir led the singing beautifully, making this a spiritual and memorable occasion for everyone involved.

Speaking after the event, Headmaster, Dr Julian Murphy said, “I believe that whatever your personal faith, finding time to share these moments of calm and reflection is crucial in today’s hectic life. It is such a pleasure to see the children from Year 3 upward participating and our Sixth Form students taking such an active role.”