TAS students visit orphanage in Kenya

10th August 2018

The Alternative School is an independent education provider, catering to the needs of young people who, for one reason or another, cannot access mainstream education. Many of their pupils have been previously excluded, suffer from SEN or are looked after children.

TAS proudly sponsor Jambo Jipya, a school and orphanage in Mtwapa, Kenya. Jambo Jipya was set up by a Kenyan woman, Christine Mwende, who saw the need for free education. Many children who attend or live at the orphanage have lost their parents to HIV, and would be without a roof over their heads without Christine and sponsors like TAS. Their sponsorship helps young people in Kenya, who like the young people at TAS, may not be able to access education otherwise.

Recently, 2 of their students, Rydell and James, visited the school and orphanage with volunteer teachers Kirsty & Elise. After travelling for over 36 hours, comprising 3 fights and 2 bus journeys, the boys reached the school and delivered the much needed supplies for the school, personal items for the Kenyan children, resources and toys that the pupils at TAS had collected.

They also video called the pupils back in England, enabling them to see the joy the resources had brought to the Kenyan children, and experience their lives first hand. This really showed their young people to appreciate what they have, and inspired them to start planning their next collections for the school & orphanage.

This was an amazing feat for both pupils, who may have never again in their lives had this opportunity. They were both an exemplary representation of TAS, taking time to converse with locals, play with the Kenyan children, try the cuisine and even practice the local language!