Rosemead Prep School Pupil has work displayed at The National Gallery

17th September 2018

Art is for all at Rosemead Prep and the children across the school are taught skills which allow them to express themselves in various styles to emulate different, well-known artists, as well as developing their own original style. The children are lucky enough to have use of two art studios in the school to create their masterpieces.

Holiday art workshops have also been introduced this year so that children can experience techniques and mediums not taught in the classrooms.

The Art department has had its most successful year since the opening of The Cathie Brown Art Studio in 2012. The 10 very dedicated children in portfolio group worked extremely hard and gained 8 Art Scholarships to Senior Schools between them.

At the ISA London South Art competition in June, Rosemead swept the board by gaining 12 prizes including 5 first places which will go on to the National competition in November 2018.

In celebration of the children’s inspiring work we have introduced ‘Artist of the Week’. A piece is chosen and displayed outside the Art Studio for all to enjoy and appreciate.

Scarlett (pictured) attended a workshop at the National Gallery based on the painting “The Virgin and child with saints and donor” by Gerard David. She created her piece of work which was selected to be displayed in the Children’s Gallery at the National Gallery. We are all very proud of her wonderful achievement.