Lucton’s Summer of Sport

1st October 2018

Thomas – Shooting

24 Category A Class Competitions

Major Competitions

Beverley Clay Classic DTL Junior Champion         ( 2 days 198 / 200 targets )
Fauxdegla DTL Grand Prix Junior Champion         (2 days 197 / 200 targets)
Greater London Junior DTL Championship            (3 days 299 / 300 targets)
West Midlands DTL Junior Champion                    (100 / 100 targets)
Krieghoff DTL Junior Lucky numbers Champion    (100 / 100 targets)

DTL National Classic Championships at Bywell
Thomas shot 200 / 200 clays  582 / 600 points

Clay Shooting DTL Championship 2018 
High Gun A Class –    Thomas Burns 200/582
High Gun Junior –       Thomas Burns 200/582
Bywell 400 Results   High Gun Junior Thomas Burns 924 / 1000
Thomas has been training with Christoper Dean (Olympic Pathway) Coach and other members of the GB Squad, Thomas has been asked to join them due to his results at recent competitions.

Thomas has an average of 98.8 / 100 at 16 that is just remarkable.

Ella – Lacrosse

Ella attended her first training camp with the South West Region for the England Lacrosse Talent Pathway at Cheltenham Ladies College.

Edith – Equestrian

Over the summer Edith represented Wales at the EGB Endurance Home Internationals Championships, held at Brodie Castle, Inverness. Edith competed on a horse she had never met and competed in her first ever endurance competitive ride. After completing her ride, Edith gained an individual silver and team silver.

Ellie’s Swimming

On the first weekend of the holidays, Ellie represented her newly formed club Lucton Typhoon, at their first ever ASA event. Ellie won 5 medals overall, gaining a bronze in the 50m front crawl and in the 200m breaststroke, a silver in the 50m breaststroke and 50m backstroke and a gold in the 100m backstroke. This led to her coming second overall in her age group missing out on a first by 1 point. The club only took 5 swimmers but finished 4th overall.