World Space Week: Free Digital Resources & Activities for Schools

4th October 2018

As the world’s largest space event draws near, ISA Gold Supplier Discovery Education Espresso is giving primary schools access to fantastic free resources, helping teachers to bring the wonders of space into the classroom.

Taking children on a fascinating tour across the universe, the resources include interactive videos, lesson plans and activities, closely mapped to the National Curriculum.

From visiting observatories to look deep into our solar system, to tracking cosmic firestorms, meteors and shooting stars, these exciting free resources will engage younger children with space science. They’ll also help pupils to see the bigger picture, as they learn about the future of space travel and life on other planets.

With spectacular clips from television network Discovery Science, and contributions from world famous astronomer Professor Richard Ellis, children will learn about space in a fun and accessible way.

The resources also include a special World Space Week lesson plan: Beyond Planet Earth – A Virtual Space Experience, culminating in an out-of-this-world virtual reality tour of the universe.

Hazel Carter, Director of Marketing at Discovery Education said:

“World Space Week is the largest space event on the planet, and a great way to engage younger pupils with science and technology. We’re thrilled to be able to make these digital resources available to help primary school teachers to bring these fascinating subjects to life, using stunning video and virtual reality to teach about space in an exciting and cross curricular way.”

Schools can access the free resources during World Space Week by visiting:

Teachers can also win a free one-year subscription to Discovery Education Espresso by playing a special World Space Week video game!