Pupils to write a new chapter in the school’s green future

11th October 2018

Pupils from Cundall Manor School have decided to write a new chapter in the school’s future by ensuring that all plastic and metal waste office supplies are now recycled.

The green-minded pupils are on a mission to turn Cundall green and ensure that all waste office plastics and metals are able to be recycled.

The Zero Waste scheme is run in conjunction with TerraCycle and allows a host of items to be recycled and turned into other plastic and metal products.

Year 7 pupils will take the lead on this project with the hope that no office waste makes it to landfill by the end of term. The programme allows small plastic or metal discarded office supplies such as pens, highlighters, pencil sharpeners, staplers, hole punchers, plastic folders, and file pockets amongst other things, to be recycled.

Miss Bradshaw will be overseeing the Year 7 pupil’s efforts. She said: “With nearly 400 pupils using a variety of plastic and metal products daily, this one change could have a major impact.”

She added: “The Zero Waste Programme is a wonderful way we can make a positive difference to our environment.”

“How plastic is recycled is becoming more high profile across the world and hopefully we can do our bit and encourage every one of our pupils and their parents to think about what they do with plastic when they no longer need it.”

TerraCycle are committed to ensuring no product they collect is incinerated or put to landfill. The company uses circular methods (reuse, upcycling or recycling) for repurposing the waste.

To find out more about the school, visit their website, www.cundallmanorschool.com