Bridgewater School helps create nation of Lifesavers

17th October 2018

CPR training introduced into the PSHE curriculum for the Senior Department at Bridgewater School, helping The British Heart Foundation to create Nation of Lifesavers

In support of the British Heart Foundation’s mission to train 5,000 people in life saving skills by 2020, Senior School pupils at Bridgewater School in Worsley are now receiving invaluable CPR instruction, thanks to the BHF Call Push Rescue programme.

The training is being delivered as part of the Personal, Social, Health & Economic (PSHE) education curriculum, with the School aiming to have trained over 200 students in lifesaving skills by the end of October.

According to The BHF, every year in the UK 30,000 cardiac arrests happen outside the hospital and there is currently a less than a 1 in 10 chance of survival. In countries where CPR is on the school curriculum the survival rates are 1 in 4.

Phil Lyons, Deputy Head said: “Whilst we hope that none of our pupils will be faced with a life threatening situation, it is important that our students are prepared for not only the opportunities but also the responsibilities of later life. This subject has particular significance for us as a school following the death of a former pupil who tragically passed away following a cardiac arrest in his home in 2011. If we can do anything to help increase the survival rates, we will.”

Mr. Lyons continues: “The training will enable our pupils to not only understand the importance of lifesaving techniques, but give them the confidence to act in an emergency as we equip them with the skills needed to potentially save a life.”

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