Anti-Bullying Week at Ursuline Prep School

23rd November 2018

It has been a very busy Anti-Bullying Week at the Ursuline Preparatory School in Brentwood. The whole school community wore odd socks on Monday 12 November to celebrate diversity, individuality and respect for others. Later that day the children watched a live performance from the Hope by the Take Away Theatre about bullying in school. After the play, the children split into group workshops to discuss various techniques that can be used to combat bullying.

Everybody, including the staff, found the workshops beneficial and felt it was a fantastic tool to help everyone to understand the effects of bullying on the victim. It also gave advice on how to deal with the person or persons that are instigating the bullying.

The week was rounded off with a fantastic assembly from Upper 1 (year 4) where their message of “Choose respect” was thoughtfully shown through a special addition of “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?” and a joyful rendition of “Andy and the Odd Socks” (CBBC) song “Choose Respect”.

Mrs Mongelard, Head of Juniors, was very proud of the way the children participated in the workshops and also of her year 4 class, Upper One, and their brilliant assembly. They expressed the importance of how to “Choose Respect” in a mature and clever way. It was an insightful and enjoyable way to discuss such an important topic.