A collection of teaching research summaries

13th December 2018

The main purpose of action research is to enhance the lives of the children in our care, but it also provides practitioners with new knowledge and understanding about how to improve their teaching practices.

(University of Notre Dame Australia, 2013) According to Hensen, action research (a) helps teachers develop new knowledge directly related to their classrooms, (b) promotes reflective teaching and thinking, (c) expands teachers’ pedagogical repertoire, (d) puts teachers in charge of their craft, (e) reinforces the link between practice and student achievement, (f) fosters an openness toward new ideas and learning new things, and (g) gives teachers ownership of effective practices.

Paul Bevis, an ISA Course Tutor and Consultant , recently recommended a compilation of educational research studies on our *Online Support Community, that could drive/motivate some debate or action research in your own school, and will be of interest to any school practitioner who would like to examine their teaching and learning practice.

The summary includes:

John Dunlosky: Strengthening the Student Toolbox
Barak Rosenshine – Principles of Instruction
Rob Cow – What Makes Great Teaching
Dylan William – 9 Things Every Teacher Should Know
James Ko et al – Effective Teaching
John Sweller’s Cognitive Load Theory – infographic
Daniel Willingham – Why Kids Don’t Like School
The Learning Scientists – Six Strategies for Effective Learning
NCSL – What makes Great Pedagogy
Education Endowment Federation (EEF) – Metacognition and Self Regulated Learning

If you would like learn more on the subject of Research led teaching and learning, Paul Bevis is also offering further training in this area – you can see more information here.

Click here to access the collection of research summaries.

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