Maths Week at The Ursuline Preparatory School

29th January 2019

World Maths Day is one of the world’s largest global educational events aimed at lifting numeracy standards in a fun and meaningful way. To celebrate this the children at The Ursuline Preparatory School participated in “Maths Week” (Monday 14th January to Friday 18th January).

The objective of the week was to raise the profile of maths and encourage the children to work individually and as a team. All children participated in a range of activities throughout the week, including an Inter-House Maths Quiz, problem-solving investigations with practical maths activities. The highlight of the week was a visit by the very talented magician Michael J. Fitch.

The fabulous show, “Magic Maths” had the children blown away with tricks that involved long multiplication short cuts, counting, money tricks and mind reading. The children enjoyed being assistants to Michael J Fitch and both the teachers and children were completely perplexed as to how Michael made children disappear in his magic triangle!

Mrs Mongelard, Head of Mathematics was delighted with the way that all the children got really involved with each activity and worked hard together to solve some really complex problems as well as the magic assistants having the confidence to stand in front of the whole school to be involved in the “Magic Maths” show.