Baptism of Mud For Second 4×4 At SDC

31st January 2019

One of the most popular activities at St David’s College is undoubtedly 4X4 driving in the school’s woods.

As soon as the activity goes up it is full within an hour.

As well as a teacher in charge the school now has six instructors – all pupils who can be proudly spotted sporting their pillar box red Instructor jackets.

This week there was great excitement amongst pupils and instructors as they tested their new Land Rover on the 4X4 trails.

Tom, one of their most experienced instructors, who has been doing 4X4 driving since Year 6, explained, why he enjoys it so much.

“I’ve learnt to drive in the school grounds, so it has saved me a fortune in driving lessons,” said Tom, 17. “Mr Wheeler makes us loads of different tracks, but they aren’t for the faint-hearted.” 

He continued: “It’s safe as there are roll-cages, but we do push ourselves and that’s what makes it so fun, it’s not just a gentle drive through the woods.”Tom added: “It’s also good for hand-eye coordination skills, and leadership skills when we are teaching the younger pupils.”

“No other school has this sort of thing; this activity is one of the things that makes St David’s so special as a school.”

Giulietta is also learning to become an instructor. The 17-year-old said: “It’s teaching me all the basics I will need to learn to drive, like changing gears and so on. I also like being in the outdoors in the woods, it’s all a lot of fun but learning a new life skill too.”

The school also runs a mechanics club in their recently constructed garage.