ISA January Artist of the Month

1st February 2019

We had the first of our new Artist of the month initiative, a monthly rolling event on our Twitter page for teachers to nominate a pupil with outstanding contributions to the Arts outside of their school. The nominations were fantastic and it made for a tricky decision to just choose three finalists. ISA schools can be very proud of their pupils’ achievements.

Congratulations to Ellis.S from Ipswich High School for winning the competition this month.

As the Art scholar, Ellie has demonstrated excellent technical skill, creativity and enthusiasm for many aspects of Arts. Exhibiting a large series of large black canvas paintings and photographs from her World Challenge trip to Cambodia at the Anna Airy Award Show at the University of Suffolk, she has benefited from seeing her work in the public sphere. She has received full colours in Arts as recognition of her involvement in workshops and talks visiting artists and younger students.

Thank you and Congratulations to all those who took part.