World Book Day at St Teresa’s School

13th March 2019

The children at St Teresa’s School in Princes Risborough had a truly special World Book Day, with a visit from author Adam Guillain, whose latest book had been inspired by a visit to St Teresa’s two years ago! Adam explained that as he was performing a story on his last visit, he had tripped on the tail of a small crocodile sitting in the front row. He glanced down and apologised saying, ‘Sorry Mr Crocodile’ before carrying on. However, the small crocodile jumped up and roared, ‘I am not Mr Crocodile. I am the Enormous Crocodile!’ and showed his copy of the Roald Dahl classic. From that chance encounter, came the inspiration for his latest book The World Book Day Monster. William (the small crocodile) was absolutely delighted to meet Adam again and see ‘his’ book in print!

All pupils and staff came to St Teresa’s dressed as an adjective and there were mysterious, vintage and celebratory teachers as well as absorbent, soporific, happy, blood-curdling, unfortunate, elusive, floral and sombre children! This was a fantastic way to extend vocabulary and the children had fun attending storytelling and writing workshops with Adam Guillain, who was impressed by their eager participation and articulate storytelling. The oldest children also took part in workshops on Hamlet, run by The Young Shakespeare Company and having studied the play in drama, made them even more engaged and inspired.