Gold Medal for Sherborne International student

14th May 2019

Sherborne International students have excelled once again in the Mathematical Olympiad; national challenges which aim to stimulate mathematical problem solving for students in Year 11 or below.

In the Intermediate Kangeroo, Tony and Leonardo both achieved a Merit. This puts them within the top 25% of Maths students invited to compete in the UK.

In the top level paper, the MacLaurin Olympiad, two of our students passed the entry conditions.

Jessica was awarded a Merit, a difficult achievement.

Wendy outperformed previous students by being awarded a Distinction and a Gold Medal. This means she is one of the top 50 mathematical students in Year 11 in the whole of the UK.

Anna Snook, Teacher of Maths at Sherborne International, said “We are very proud of all the Sherborne International students who have performed so well in this year’s maths challenges”