High-ranking Tibetan Buddhist Monk enlightens Beech House School students

14th June 2019

Beech House School were fortunate to have an exciting visit from a Tibetan Buddhist monk – Geshe Lama Ahbay Tulku Rinpoche. Lama Ahbay is a high-ranking monk (3rd in line to the Dalai Lama) however is a very humble and sociable man who loves visiting Rochdale. He has been visiting every couple of years as he is fundraising to build a Monastery in India where he and his student monks are in exile from Tibet.

Our Lower and Upper Prep children and Year 7 students were lucky to hear an inspirational talk on health and well-being and the benefits of meditation. Lama Ahbay also explained the Buddhist idea of the Five Precepts.

He explained that the most important thing is to practice being good which means doing your best to have moral conducts. He explained to the children that the more honest, respectful and caring you will be, the better you will be protected from all kinds of problems and the better you will feel. He taught that the Five precepts are the minimum we should try to apply and that it is the most important thing to be selfless which will obtain the biggest benefits if we avoid words and acts which cause suffering. Lama Ahbay taught that we can demonstrate this through love and kindness to others. Mr Sartain was very lucky to receive a Khata scarf from Lama Ahbay which symbolises respect and well wishes in Tibetan Buddhism.