Channel 5 News Joins Thorpe Hall School for Breakfast

20th June 2019

Thorpe Hall School’s early risers made the national news this week when the school kicked off its annual Healthy Eating Week campaign and a crew from Channel 5 News came along for breakfast.

Pupils and parents were invited to the school’s #BestStart breakfast café, with its new healthy options menu providing a free breakfast throughout the week. The Channel 5 News team interviewed staff, parents and pupils about diet and sleep patterns and heard about the school’s plans to rise to the British Nutrition Foundation’s (BNF) Healthy Eating Week challenges: Have Breakfast, Eat 5-A-Day, Drink Plenty, Get Active, and Sleep Well.

The media interest coincided with the release of the BNF’s sleep survey, which found that many adults and children are not getting enough sleep, linking lack of sleep to obesity in children and highlighting the importance of a healthy breakfast.

Pupils and staff jumped to be part of the BNF’s Healthy Eating Week initiative, with a full programme of activities including #Best Start breakfast, smoothie making, Mindfulness and Yoga sessions and a mass flashmob-style aerobics class, getting the whole school stepping out and limbering up. Senior School also hosted an enlightening ‘Sleep Sense’ session for teenagers, promoting the positives of a good night’s sleep, explaining the negatives of not getting enough and tackling some common sleep disorders.

Rebecca Barlow, School Counsellor and Wellbeing Co-ordinator at Thorpe Hall School was the driving force behind the week’s programme. “As the BNF survey results confirmed, it’s vital for us to look at sleep as part of a healthy lifestyle, especially as it seems to affect what we eat.” she commented. “This week has been a huge success and we’ve focused on a range of tools we can all access to help stay physically and mentally healthy – such important life lessons for young people.”