A Special Relationship

10th January 2020

The Governor of Pennsylvania sent a letter to the headmaster of Shoreham College just in time for the New Year and new term.

Mr Taylor-West wrote to Tom Wolf just before Christmas, highlighting the historic connection between the tudor house on the College’s grounds and William Penn, the pioneering founder of the state and the city of Philadelphia. Penn owned the tudor part of the Shoreham site in 1672.

Inspired by Penn, the headmaster outlined the importance of teaching fundamental British values in our schools: individual liberty, the rule of law, mutual tolerance and democracy. Mr Taylor-West wished the governor well in his work expressing solidarity with him on behalf of the College as the steward of Penn’s great legacy. He noted that these values are so often under pressure here and in the USA.

Mr Taylor-West was delighted to receive a full-page letter in reply from Mr Wolf, just before the start of the new term. He said, ‘It was lovely to feel that connection, a small part of our special relationship as two countries, and it was wonderful that Mr Wolf took the time out of his schedule to reply.’

Mr Wolf said he was keenly aware of the importance of Penn’s values, the responsibility of upholding them, and ended ‘Thanks for all that you are doing to promote these values at Shoreham College’. He added that the College, in succeeding, would be ‘doing a real service’ for its students as well as for the people ‘whose lives they will touch in the years ahead.’

You can read the full letter below: